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Walk-In Baths

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Discover the Go Bath Walk-In Tub, crafted with your comfort in mind and backed by decades of engineering excellence. Our secure step-in, spacious entrance, and user-friendly grab bars provide safety and confidence as you enter and exit your bath. Plus, our soothing hydrotherapy and RelaxationWave™ technology offer a spa-like indulgence, pampering your whole body during your soak. Request your complimentary estimate today and explore customization options, enhancements, and the full investment for the Walk-In Tub.
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Financing Options Available

Discover our flexible financing options for Walk-In Tubs. Learn about our featured plan and check your eligibility today.

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Fast-Drain Technology

Our Walk-In Bath's rapid drain feature ensures quick and comfortable exits.

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Thoughtful Details

Exclusive Chromatherapy and Aromatherapy options to promote harmony and well-being.


Easy-to-Grip Handrails

Interior and exterior handrails provide secure support for safe navigation.


Low 2" Step-In

Offering the lowest step-ins, this design prioritizes worry-free easy access and safety.


Multifunction Handshower

Blends shower convenience with bath comfort, featuring three spray settings.

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Hydrotherapy & Air Jets

Combines hydrotherapy, air jets, whirlpool jets, and air/whirlpool dual options.

Modern Features

Enhanced Comfort and Safety in Bathing

Discover a world of enhanced bathing experiences designed for comfort, safety, and luxury. Our range includes low-entry baths for easy access, multifunction handshowers for versatility, therapeutic hydrotherapy and air jets for muscle relaxation, advanced fast-drain technology for convenience, heated backrests for added warmth, and easy-to-grip handrails for extra security. Each feature is crafted to elevate your bathing experience.

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Complete the Look


Give your bathing area a unique touch with a selection of wall colors, tap finishes, and elegant stone-like wall panels.